What is Shrink Wrapping?

What is Shrink Wrapping? Shrink wraps are made up of polymer plastic which tightly covers any object on the application of heat. A shrink machine is used to apply heat to these wraps. These are light in weight and can be used to wrap any material. The heavier versions of these wraps are used for industrial purposes. They are used to cover large equipment, large construction scaffoldings such as those used in the construction of bridges and buildings, helicopters, and other big vehicles. Shrink wraps are also used for storage purposes.

Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are now being used in every field and making our life easier in every way. Packing machines are large and small industrial machines that prepare all kinds of materials today, from dry food to detergent, which we use in our daily life, without any tangible touches and put them in our use.

Control Points of Quality Shrink Packaging

Control Points of Quality Shrink PackagingBefore starting to shrinking process, cut-wire or surface of the blade must be checked that they are smooth and clean. The plastic residue on the surface of the cut-wire or knife should be cleaned with the rubbing of the wastage film to hot wire. It should be never cleaned with the metal brush, knife, etc. The film must be cut before shrink and it should be checked that it is not open-torn by hand to check whether the film is cut and boiled properly. A certain amount will be left for the shrinking ratio during the shrinking. In proportion to the left ratio “package/package size”, a balloon is formed due to the air that wants to escape out. It must be confirmed that this balloon is formed and evacuation of the trapped air at the end of the shrinking should be observed. If the balloon does not form (and does not shrink at the end of the process), it means that the cutting/boiling process is not performed correctly. If the balloon suddenly disappears in the middle of the tunnel, the heat level may be high. If the air has not been evacuated even though the process is completed, the number of holes in the film may not be enough. Air evacuation in the balloon needs to be completed concurrently with the end of the time for proper Shrink packaging. The film must be properly punctured during the process or pre-drilled (perforated) film must be used in order for the air inside the balloon to be discharged correctly.Learn about shrink machines

The Importance of Perforation in Shrink Packaging

In shrink packaging, if the product will be sealed from all its four sides, the product will be fully closed and thus will be trapping air in it. When the package is heated, as the film will start shrinking, this trapped air will be compressed around the product yet as it will not be able to leak out, this situation will cause the film to swell like a balloon. If we do not give this air a chance to leak out, this balloon will often explode from a point on the sealed line.

Shrink Packaging

Shrink packaging is the most commonly used packing technology in use in the packaging industry now. It is popular because of its features of quality packing, all-purpose packing, cheap alternative to expensive technologies, and advanced technology. Nowadays, shrink wrap films are available in wide variety, which makes them suitable for all purposes. Shrink Packaging has a special place in industry because it can be used to pack anything and everything. Apart from that, the machine which is used for the purpose can be easily placed inside your factory or commercial premises as it is compact and occupies minimum space which allows for easy continuation of your other packaging activities.

Why Shrink Packaging and Other Questions to Ask

Many special design Shrink films have been produced for different types of different applications. As far as costs are concerned in choosing the right film, it should be carried out by considering the requirements of the packaging system.

What is Shrink Packaging / Shrinking?

Packaging with “Shrink Packaging / Shrinking” is the packaging operation applied directly on a product or wrapping around of a product already wrapped with another technique with plastic films. Although this process is commonly referred to as “Shrink Wrapping”, some sources call this “Polywrapping” which is just wrapping it around the product without using any the heat application.