Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are now being used in every field and making our life easier in every way. Packing machines are large and small industrial machines that prepare all kinds of materials today, from dry food to detergent, which we use in our daily life, without any tangible touches and put them in our use.

Hatay Maripak Tent City Story

On February 6, 2023, the southeast region of our country experienced catastrophic damage and life loss during consecutive earthquakes.


For businesses, the machinery used in production is, most of the time, the most significant monetary investment and a critical component of business operation. Consistent and efficient running of this machinery is of utmost importance for the business outcome and company reputation.

PACK EXPO International Chicago 2022

Maripak USA team was at the PACK EXPO International in Chicago from October 23rd through the 26th. Back after four years, the show housed over 2,200 exhibitors and 44,000 attendees from all over the world, it is safe to say that PACK EXPO International was the first time in 2022 that the entire industry came together. 

Eurasia Packaging Fair 2022

We took our place at the Eurasia Packaging Fair, Turkey’s most significant and one of the world’s biggest packaging fairs. The fair attracted more than 1100 companies and 72.000 visitors from 13 countries. The attention to our booth was at a record high.


Shrink Wrapping or Shrink Packaging is the process of wrapping products with plastic film, cutting and sealing the film via a sealing blade or wire, then applying heat via a heat tunnel so the film takes the shape of the product. For this process to produce a perfect package, parameters must be set specific to the product. These are shrinking film type, quality and size, machine temperature, heat tunnel air velocity, and the number of perforation holes.

We Support UNICEF Wings Program

As Maripak Packaging Solutions we believe that the children are our future and all have equal rights to care, protection and education. However, we know that there are millions of children across the globe who do not share the same privileges their peers have access to. This is why we are a proud owner of “UNICEF Platinum Wings” working together with UNICEF in their quest to reach and support disadvantaged children.


Shrink wrapping is one of today’s most common secondary packaging techniques. It is widely used around the world for packaging needs, including maximizing shelf appeal, protection from external factors, bundling, multi-packaging to ease transport and storage, and last but not least, tamper-proofing. This wide array of functionality makes it an excellent option for almost all industries, from food to cosmetics or even boats and construction materials.

Why Invest In an Automated E-Commerce Packaging Solution?

Why Invest In an Automated E-Commerce Packaging Solution? Automated E-commerce packaging machines may seem quite costly at first sight. However, when  hidden costs of manual packaging is analyzed and compared to the savings from reduced labor costs, higher throughput, and improved productivity the investment pays for itself.

Shrink Packaging and Its Benefits

Shrink Packaging and Its Benefits Shrinking or Shrink Packaging is the process of wrapping any single product or group of products with plastic film, then applying heat via a heat tunnel so the film takes the shape of the product. It is commonly applied as secondary packaging. Without the application of heat, the packaging stays loose around the product and this is called polywrapping.