Why Invest In an Automated E-Commerce Packaging Solution?

Automated E-commerce packaging machines may seem quite costly at first sight. However, when  hidden costs of manual packaging is analyzed and compared to the savings from reduced labor costs, higher throughput, and improved productivity the investment pays for itself.

Advantages Automated E-Commerce Packaging Systems

The sudden increase in demand for online shopping has provided e-commerce companies with opportunities to reach new customers and grow their business at unseen levels. With more consumers preferring to shop online competition among e-commerce companies is getting fierce. There is very little room for companies to differentiate their offerings while keeping operational costs under control.

From the customer perspective, fast and reliable delivery are two of the most important factors in the decision to regularly shop from an online store. To fulfill this demand companies must streamline their  order fulfillment processes with the help of automated solutions.

Here are some of the advantages automated e-commerce packaging systems have to offer:

Ensure On-Time Shipping
Online shoppers expect their orders fulfilled as soon as possible. If a company is not able to deliver on time, customers will start looking for alternatives. Also, late delivery is one of the most common reasons for e-commerce product returns which causes unnecessary operational stress on other departments  within the organization.

To ensure on-time delivery on every order, companies must consistently ship out on time even during peak seasons. Automated E-commerce Packaging machines offer the flexibility and robustness to support packaging and shipping operations through the up and downs of the e-commerce demand  landscape.

Reduce Product Damage During Shipping
A package leaving the warehouse has a long and often rough journey to the customers; hands. Strong and durable packaging make the shipment resistant to external factors. As a result, customer satisfaction is maximized and returns due to damaged product is minimized.

Reduce Labor Costs While Improving Productivity Metrics
Packaging is the most labor intensive step in the e-commerce order fulfillment process. This presents challenges such as high labor costs, labor unavailability, high turnover, consistent performance, packaging and shipping mistakes caused by human error. Automated Packaging systems can work with one or two operators reducing labor dependency and related costs immediately. Automation also enables e-commerce companies to use labor in areas that will create higher value while leaving the  repetitive work to machines.

E-commerce companies need to build scalable processes that meet the constant growing consumer demand. As the business grows the packaging capacity can be doubled or tripled just by adding new packaging lines to the existing infrastructure.

E-Commerce Packaging Solutions by Maripak

Impack Pro eCom by Maripak fully automizes the packaging process by weighing, packing, labeling, and running a final control before shipping in one automated packaging line. With the capacity of producing 800 to 1200 fit-to-size packages an hour, Impack Pro eCom empowers companies to meet rising consumer demand with ease while improving overall cost.
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