Shrinkleme ve Faydaları

Generally, shrinking or with the other name, shrink packaging is wrapping around the process of any product or a product that has already been packaged with a plastic film. Polywrapping and Shrink Wrapping are the other names for wrapping the product. The process of shrink film which takes the shape of the product covered with heat is applied with shrink machine.

The function of the shrink machine consists of two stages. In the first stage, there is a plastic film which is also called sealing source that is wrapping around the product to be processed and sewed with the welding machine. In the second stage, the stage of shrinking the product and helps the product to shrink takes places which are also known as shrink oven, shrink tunnel or heat tunnel.

Considering that the effect of product packaging on sales is great and the effective role of firms in increasing their potential customers, the importance of the shrinking process and the use of shrink machines are visible. Companies take steps ahead in the competition with their product packaging and they can appeal to customers with better quality, visually beautiful, with solid products.


Some of the use areas of shrink machines are providing efficient and convenient packing for transportation and easy stacking, product packaging and packaging, packaging in a way that takes the shape of figurative figure, packaging the product in such a way as to prevent the opening of the product package, to serve as a basic barrier for meat, cheese, fish-like products, packaging products with the purposes of advertising and promotion-transparency-visuality and exposure. Shrinking processing is also used in industrial scale. Although shrinking management, which is also used to manufacture and protect large-sized industrial products have the same thermoforming property, the heat gun is used which emits quite strong heat and heavier and stronger film plates are preferred. As an example to these, the following can be considered; other vehicles such as boats used in maritime, building materials for buildings and bridges, heavy pallets that are needed to be used but can’t be moved due to their weight.

The ability of a shrink machine to group products with packaging and hold them together is the benefit of visually rich products which are tenser by taking the shape of it and to provide bright transparency and aesthetic contribution. At the same time some of the benefits are keeping the product or shrank package with shrink machine clean, preserve the unpacking of the product’s packaging serving as a seal which indicated the product had previously been opened or not, prevent the operation of a packaged product, make a wider package by holding more than one small packages together, keeping the product brand new and provide the delivery of the customer in its original condition, prevent the product from lubrication, water or moisture, increase the durability of the packaged product, protect the product against pests, use printed film on product if desired and apply printing such as instruction, warning, barcode, advertisement, prevent product to be sold again by re-packaging or distribution or giving someone as a gift, protect products such as cardboard and beverage boxes with thick film, provide moisture barrier for food products and draw water loss to the lowest level.