Packaging machines are now being used in every field and making our life easier in every way. Packing machines are large and small industrial machines that prepare all kinds of materials today, from dry food to detergent, which we use in our daily life, without any tangible touches and put them in our use. It is almost everyone’s acceptance that these industrial machines are a very important part in facilitating life.Since no unpacked food can be sold anymore as a result of the new law put in force in our country, packaging has to be done compulsorily…

These machines are capable of packaging almost every product from dry foods to detergent. Now these are the latest technology products. When researching packaging machines in the world market, Turkey is in a very good condition. Packing machines are mostly used in the food sector. This process is carried out with the aim of extending the shelf life of the foods and preserving their freshness. The main purpose of the package is to empty the air inside the package and prevent the food from being damaged quickly. This is one of the most commonly used methods to extend the life of food in almost all developed countries. With this method used in packaging, the food remains healthier in a much more easy way.

Which Industries Use Packaging Machines?

Packing machines are mostly used in food which must have long shelf life. Foods that can be damaged easily when not packed. Consumers are now choosing packaged products such as dry food from the grocery stores. Moreover, they do not accept the impaired product which contacted with air. Companies that act in the direction of consumer preference know that they must pack and deliver it to the consumer. This has to be done according to the Ministry of Agriculture prescribes and act . If we need to list some of these products, they are; dairy products, nuts, bakery products, meat and meat products, candies, dried fruits, chocolates, etc. These products may be listed as foods which are mostly stored by vacuum packaging method. It is always a very important issue to maintain both freshness and shelf life of these foods.

Types and Materials of Packing Machines

Vacuum packaging machines are the most commonly used packaging machines. These machines are separated according to their functions among themselves. Each packing machine works in its own way and vertical type vacuum machine, horizontal type vacuum machine, gas protected bowl vacuum packaging machines, dish closure machines are the most used machines in the food sector and they are diversified according to their functions. These machines are usually manufactured using stainless steel and each company can make its own model by making changes in accordance with the customer’s request. Vertical machines can be packed in the desired weight with the adjustable bottom layer. These machines are made from nuts and pulses used for packing machines. Horizontal type machines are used in food packaging and maintain product shelf life and freshness. It is usually controlled by the PLC control unit.

Now there are many companies in our country that make these machines and there are team officers who will help you immediately at anything. Not only for the food sector but nowadays, packing is a very important place in almost every sector. The main material of all packaging machines is generally made of titanium and stainless steel and can be easily used in all sectors and each company can produce its own model separately. Different features are added to the packaging machines every time and sales are offered to the owners.

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