Who is Maripak?

Maripak is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and Pennsylvania, USA with a worldwide network of sales and support distributors.

Maripak is a leading international corporation established in 1990 with a broad scale of experience in manufacturing a full range of shrink packaging equipment. The company is one of the largest capacity and widest product range suppliers of the world market. Maripak is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and has a worldwide network of sales and support distributors.

The company has always produced highly industrial solutions in flexible film packaging industry with shrink packaging systems.

Besides the complete sleeve wrapping and shrink systems, Maripak produces customized projects on infeed and discharge automation such as package grouping, automatic feeding, paper inserting, product aligning, rotating, labeling and coding etc.

The structure of the company and experience allow offering complete service, responsibility, and reliability in industrial level projects without compromising on the quality.

Almost all series of “L sealing” and “continuous sealing” systems in shrink and sleeve wrapping industry are available in Maripak’s production program.

Beside the automatic packaging series, semi-automatic and manual wrapping systems for small or medium scale companies are being manufactured in complete automation with serial production principal. Maripak has also developed patented models and features on its own productions.

Departments of Maripak Packaging


Under ISO9001 guidelines, manufacturing is carried out in 7 departments
R&D-new machine design and prototyping, CNC sheet metal processing plant, CNC metalwork production plant, mechanical and electrical assembly Plant with customization and performance upgrading, Q&A, after-sales operations.

The operations are controlled by customized software systems. The systems have been linked with daily and future operating activities. The production history is also controlled to find out potential after-sales reviews.

The software encoding and programming of the systems are done in-house by our trained engineers.

Sheet metal processing

Utilizing CAD and CNC technologies, all machine metalwork is processed and finished in-house.


Utilizing assembly line principles, machines are built and tested by factory trained technicians.


Customer support, upgrading, and in-house refurbishment.

All of our equipment is manufactured at the highest European standards and carry CE certification.

Film Materials

Existing and new customers are invited to trial and order our KLEER films. Our sister company Mareks Industrial Packaging Ltd will give you the best possible solution and price without compromising on quality.


This department is responsible for the continuous growth of Maripak’s domestic and international market share. Here, new industries and products are evaluated and R&D prototyping is designed.

International customers constitute about 65% of our customers.

Maripak has been exhibiting in the largest world scale exhibitions and proving his quality in the most developed and industrialized countries for many years.

Our promise

To manufacture, supply and support our products to the highest possible standard, to ensure complete customer satisfaction without compromise.

We promise to keep our 4 principals;

  • “Safety” within the products and for the users
  • Fast and accurate after-sales service
  • Quality at every step
  • Continuous development