Rotary Feeder

– Automatically feeds single sheet papers
– Individual HMI to control the system
– Easy adjustment for the thickness of the items to be fed
– Mechanical cam principle generates a synchronized speed control

– Hand knobs to fix the thickness of papers
– Special lift up system prevents the damage the front edge of the booklets
– Enables the entire system to be integrated to stream lines
– Either stand alone or complete with multiple photocell control feeders can be integrated
– PLC system makes the control easier with the motor ramps and speeds
– Signal intergration with central machine command system
– Control of multiple feeders and identification of feeders from central machine
– High speed integration to the systems
– Mechanic pick-up grippers holds and picks the end point to pullout the single sheet
– Rotating mechanism holds and delivers with an rotation motion

– Conveyor system with special control with the same PLC
– Feeding with an angle to the feeder
– One operator can control multiple feeders due to the time advantage
– Stand of the feeder has been designed with special linear adjustment control

– Complies with worldwide norms with the safety
– 1 Year guarrantie against factory defects and mistakes
– Guarrantie will not be valid against wearable parts
– 5 years spare part availability guarrantie
– Commisioning and training are given by manufacturer’s technicians.
– Totally safe, complies with regulations of CE norms

Technicial Specifications

  • Minimum Product Width: 150mm
  • Maximum Product Width: 300mm
  • Maximum Product Length: 300mm
  • Maximum Product Height: 1mm
  • Maximum Capacity: 60-90 pieces/min (depend on size)
  • Sheet Thickness: 80-300 gram (to be tested prior to order)
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