IMPACK Hybrid Pro Systems

  • Continuous side sealer provides unlimited length packaging ability
  • Very fast and flawless sealing property by Servo driven vertical sealer
  • Customized design and strengthened mechanic properties for high products
  • Easy to integrate with the production lines directly
  • Recordable and re-callable temperature and position adjustments
  • Automatic length detection by sensor synchronized with encoder control
  • User-friendly colorful touch screen operator panel
  • Automatic packaging film drive with tension control
  • Automatic trim winder with tension control
  • Feeding frequency control by sensor detection and PLC command
  • Alternative sealing blade structures for various packaging material
  • Center-Seal property provides accurate and linear sealing line
  • Adjustable precision and pressure on cutting and sealing force
  • PID controlled sealing temperature inserted by touch panel
  • Product clearance control under seal bar by sensor
  • Various language options and adaptable touch keyboard
  • Memory Receipt property for prompt adjustments
  • Easily adjustable for varying product sizes and capacity needs
  • Perfect sealing blade design compatible with broad range of thickness
  • Printed film applicability by marker detection sensor and programming
  • Ability to use single layer flat film by center-folding unit
  • Ability to control additional conveyors by inverters
  • Ability to stabilize and pressurize unsteady products by top-pressure cylinder
  • Ability to work without compressed air requirment
  • Linking Belt (3 bar compressed air is require)
*Option For Wide Range Applications:
  • In case of very small and large packages to be applied in the same machine, the middle
    conveyor and side sealer can move together in linear direction to enable the system to
    work with narrower dimensions.
  • The middle conveyor with this option has been upgraded and products with 150-600mm width can be packed which otherwise would be 350-600mm without the upgrade.
  • ISO9001 quality standards with the relevant norm’s confirmation
  • World-wide brands for all mechanical,electrical and pneumatic components
  • CE certifications, complies with the latest CE directives
  • One year warranty on non-wearable parts (expandable)
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock availability up to 5 years

Technicial Specifications

  • Sealer Opening: 400mm
  • Maximum Speed: 30 mt/min
  • Maximum Cycle: 25 packs/min
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: Ø270mm
  • Working Height: 860 mm Optionel: +50mm
  • Film Types: 7-40 PO, PP "V" Knife, 40-80 PE, OPP "W" Knife
  • Color: Mixed Grey + RAL7010 + RAL7015
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