Diamond Heat Tunnels

  • Reduced energy consumption by double layered isolation room
  • Bottom embedded heat chamber and fan system
  • Perfectly dissipated heat inside via adjustable flaps and channels
  • Conveying speed control to optimize heat treatment duration
  • Instant switching from PE to POF by chain lift-up system (T45 & T60 only)
  • Automatic cool down to 70ºC before switch off
  • Easy to integrate with all types of packaging machines directly
  • Equipped with caster wheels & brakes, easy to re-position in facility
  • PID controlled accurate heat adjustment
  • Circulation fan speed control to optimize air flow rate
  • Long lasting covered tunnel conveyor spindles
  • Color: Metallic Dark Gray (RAL Code: Customized Mixture)
  • Alternative conveyor types: Wire Mesh, Teflon Mesh, Plastic Mesh
  • Higher chamber and frame designs are available
  • Ironing Rollers at discharge for side smoothing of PE wrapped package
  • PE Cooling Fan at discharge for fast cool-down of PE wrapped package
  • Exhaust gas hood can be applied if required by application
  • Stainless steel versions are available for wet/moist working environment
  • Recordable heat and speed via touch panel controller
Safety Measures:
  • At the infeed and discharge points of the tunnels metal protection shields are applied to avoid human contact to high temperature surfaces.
  • Conveyors stop automatically during jams to avoid further problems.
  • Against high temperature or fire risk, in case of the stop of the conveyor or fan circulation, the heaters are isolated automatically.
  • Tunnel fan have been protected with mesh guards and operator hands can not be contacted.
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Shrink Tunnel

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