PE MOTION High Speed Sleeve Wrapper

  • High speed automation with continuous-motion packaging system
  • Two direction vertical & horizontal Servo motor driven cross seal
  • Flexible and soft operation for vertical stacked package groups without slip out
  • Without time loss for complete sealing sequence by vertical & linear motion operation
  • Extreme precision and consistency with the sealing quality and package length positioning
  • Easy integration to the production lines with adjustable in-feed conveyor
  • The out put capacity can reach up to 40 packs/min. depending on the film and package dimension
  • Low energy consumption
  • More controls and cautions for more efficient production
  • Advantage of easy and fast film roll change
  • Instead of pneumatic systems controlling weakness, servo motor gives more powerful solution about controlling pressure and high quality sealing
  • Two direction vertical & horizontal servo motor driven cross seal
  • Linear speed of the conveyors: 20 mt / min
  • The latest Siemens or Delta environment for all intelligent controls
  • Touch panel with different languages and easy graphic controls for operator
  • Encoder controlled length adjustment for automatic synchronization with the speed
  • Low film consumption
  • Advantage of film tension release on the cross-sealing point
  • Optional height adjustable “cross-sealing” feature (Optional motorized control)
  • Control of optional integrated external conveyor from operator panel.
  • Consistency in packaging quality
  • Integrated automatic external in-feed belt control.
  • Easy change over between different product sizes and speed changes
  • Recipe memory application against different package dimensions
  • Automatic film dispenser with tension control
  • Complete closed housing with limit switch controlled windows for security
  • Photocell controlled package in-feed
  • ISO 9001 quality standard with the relevant norm’s confirmations,
  • Festo Pneumatics, Moeller, Siemens electric components
  • CE marking,
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock and after sales support,
  • One year warranty on non-wearable parts
  • Color: Metallic dark gray (RAL code: custom color)

Technicial Specifications

  • Sealer Bar Opening (adjustable): 300 mm
  • Installed Power: 400V, 9 Amper, Trifaze
  • Maximum Packaging Speed: 40 pack/min
  • Color: Metallic Dark Gray, (RAL code: custom color)
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Multimac PE 100 Motion, Panel Radiator Packaging

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