TMC Pro Semi Automatic L Sealer Machine

  • Minimized layout requirement by compact single-chassis design
  • Easy to use, compatible with health and safety standards
  • Ability to provide heat to wire at exact efficient dose, realized by I-Sealing System®
  • Ability to keep wire temperature constant, realized by I-Sealing System®
  • Increase in sealing quality, process accuracy and life-span by stabilized heat control,
  • M Series: Sealing L-Bar is driven by a motor (no need for compressed air)
  • M Series: In automatic mode, sealing bar cycles automatically in predefined period
  • M Series: In free mode, sealing bar is triggered by button
  • M Series: Sensor detects any obstacle and stops the cycle automatically for safety
  • H Series: Sealing L-Bar is closed by hand, weight is balanced with reverse load
  • H Series: Magnetic holder keeps L-Bar closed for pre-defined time period
  • Adjustable speed of tunnel conveyor for optimized heat application period
  • Heat adjustment with digital PID control
  • Air circulation control by side flap handles
  • Automatic post cooling system for cooling down to 70ºC before switch off
  • Additional emergency temperature control system against fire risk
  • Easily transportable on wheels inside a facility
  • M Series: Sealing is actuated by motor in between wire and silicon rubber
  • H Series: Sealing is actuated manually in between wire and silicon rubber
  • Sealing wire is positioned on fixed bottom frame for safety
  • Sealing wire is embedded into heat-resistant fiber profile
  • Teflon belt covered silicon rubber increase sealing quality and life-span of silicon
  • Height of conveyor line can be adjusted with respect to varying product height
  • Working time of conveyor can be adjusted with respect to varying product length
  • Power of sealing wire can be adjusted with respect to varying film thicknesses
  • Heat, time and speed parameters can be easily adjusted via digital control panel
  • Various language options are available in digital control panel
  • Automatic trim winder option is available upon request
  • Stainless steel versions are available for wet/moist working environment
  • Speed inverter for air circulation fan of heat tunnel
  • Tunnel conveyor alternatives: Wire Mesh, Teflon Mesh or Plastic Mesh
  • On-site installation and training service options are available
  • ISO9001 quality standards with the relevant norm’s confirmation
  • CE certifications, complies with the latest CE directives
  • World-wide approved brands for all mechanical and electrical components
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Wearable parts are not included in warranty terms
  • 1 set of wear parts is provided along with the machine
  • 5 years spare part stock availability is provided
  • Installation, testing and training services are provided free of charge

Technicial Specifications

  • Max. Packaging Sizes (WxLxH): 300 x 450 x 150mm
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 - 15 pack/min
  • Maximum Product Height: 150mm
  • Working Height: 960mm
  • Compreasure Air Supply: No
  • Film Types: POF: 7-37 micron PVC: 15 - 25 micron
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 950 x 2500 x 1320mm
  • Installed Power: 50-60Hz, 400V, 13 Amper, 3 Phase
  • Consumption (Max. / Average): 10 kW / 6 kW
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