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Why should you use Maripak Shrink Wrap Machines?

✔  Trusted by +12.000 customers and +30 international distributors 

✔   Direct 1-to-1 communication, fast response and excellent sales support

✔   Superior sensor technology for a high level of safety

✔   Reliable technical support 

✔   5 years spare part availability warranty

✔   Pioneer in technology and high price to performance value 

✔   Custom design and automation based on your customer’s need

✔   %100 in-house production and testing possibility before shipment

✔   Flexibility for integrating with other automation services

✔   The immediate closeness of the harbor

✔   2D prototyping sent with quotation

✔   Continuous R&D based on your feedback

✔   Factory visit availability

✔   Always delivers on the promise

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