On February 6, 2023, the southeast region of our country experienced catastrophic damage and life loss during consecutive earthquakes.

After the earthquake, we thought of how to make people’s lives easier. The need for tents in the region was a critical point, and we wanted to support it by using our strengths in product design, manufacturing, and metalworking.

First, we sent three industrial-size tents with 30m2 internal volume to the earthquake zone. We planned these tents as a cook-tent during the daytime and a sleeping area at night and sent them to the region including all necessary kitchen equipment.

Then, we designed smaller tents that are large enough for a family to stay comfortably. We tried to equip these tents to meet all the essential needs of a family such as heating, toilet, sleeping, and showering. The design and production process took a total of 3 days. All team members worked day and night without any sacrifice to deliver the tents as soon as possible. After getting the necessary permissions, our teammates from the management, electricity, assembly, and production departments traveled to the Hatay Samandağ district for installation.

With the above video, we wanted to share the story of our Maripak Tent City of 25 tents that we completely assembled in 1 day onsite.

We believe, we can write bigger stories when we come together. We would like to thank all our teammates who contributed, our suppliers who supported us with the necessary materials, the authorities who helped us in the region, and everyone who contributed to the production and installation.

We hope this video reaches many people and be a source of motivation.
Our prayers are with those who are affected, our condolences to their relatives, and we wish for a fast recovery in the region.