For businesses, the machinery used in production is, most of the time, the most significant monetary investment and a critical component of business operation. Consistent and efficient running of this machinery is of utmost importance for the business outcome and company reputation.

Equipment failure in a manufacturing facility can interrupt production and lead to unexpected downtime, reduced output, and lower product quality. This is where the importance of scheduled maintenance comes in. Businesses that follow a planned maintenance routine can lengthen the lifespan of equipment, prevent unplanned downtime and avoid expensive repairs due to negligence.


How To Ensure Proper Maintenance Of Your Shrink Wrapping Equipment


Building and following up on a regular maintenance plan will help businesses ensure the running of their equipment.

Just putting the three items below in action is a significant step in putting a maintenance plan in place:

  1. Identify and assign technicians or operators to control the proper functioning of the equipment
  2. Create a maintenance checklist and implement a schedule to prevent significant issues
  3. Train all operators handling the equipment to avoid misuse or overuse


Maintenance of Shrink Wrapping Equipment


Important notice before starting maintenance:

  1. Cut off the machine energy and press the emergency button
  2. Wait for the jaw temperature to cool off
  3. Do not reach into rotating parts to prevent any injuries during maintenance


An Example Maintenance Checklist For Shrink-Wrapping Equipment

Maintenance of L Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine

Whether you own a Fully Automated Shrink Wrapping Machine or a Manual Shrink Wrapper, you can now start using the list above to populate your own maintenance list for your machine.