Shrink Makine İhtiyacı ve Türleri

The product quality matters a lot these days, and one of the requirements of a customer is to have a sealed product. Proper seals increase the value of a company and make their product known as a good product. At earlier times people used to wrap each product by hand but now we can efficiently use shrink wrapping machines, and this substantially reduces the labor costs.

Why is shrink wrap important?

  • If you are producing products like makeup or stationery goods, then it is good to shrink wrap them so that others do not tamper with them and the customer who buys the product is the one who uses it first. It also allows individual packaging and the packages are quite safe when they are shrink wrapped. They are also protected from any kind of contamination. It is the ultimate protection for a product when it reaches the shelves.
  • Shrink wrapping also allows us to build up space as space scrunch can happen when products are not well assembled.
  • If you own an industry in which you produce products in the form of pellets, you can shrink wrap them which will keep them safe and ready for transportation. You can also shrink wrap groups of products together so that they can be transported quite easily to the stores.
  • Wrapping each product or large industrial pellets by hands is not viable at this age, and it will also cause a considerable cost. Shrink wrap reduces this cost drastically.
  • shrink machine

    Machines and films used for shrink wrapping:

    The main types of machines used for shrink wrapping are:

    • L bar sealers- This type is used primarily in factories where production is at low to medium level. L bar sealers (can be either manual, semi-automatic or automatic) are used in medium to high production lines and the cutting bar which is shaped like the letter L gives it its name. The machines have a long bar, and it makes single cuts and seals the shrink wrapping films used in one pass. The mechanism that shrinks the wrapping is a heat gun or heat tunnel. The materials of films are often PVC or polyolefin films.


    • Side sealers: This type of machines are automatic and used where production is at medium to high level. These machines are also used with PVC or polyolefin films. These machines are either in combination with a tunnel or require a tunnel to be purchased for shrinking.
    • The sleeve wrappers: are used with polyethylene films, and they can perform either 2 or 4 sided seals. These type of packaging is generally used for packing multiple products for carrying and distributing them in groups such as cans, bottles, etc.


    The films are also of different types to suit different types of products:

    • Flat-roll stock films need to be wrapped around a product, and then heat is applied to shrink wrap it.
    • Center-folded films are placed in the machine, and the product is placed into it, the remaining sides are sealed off to complete the shrinking process.
    • Pre-formed bags have one opening through which the product is placed into, and then it is sealed off with a heating tool.

    If you shrink wrap your products, then you will gain popularity and reputation among customers. To have added benefits are sure to choose a film material that is eco-friendly and can be recycled and also add sanitation to them if you are producing things like make-up or personal use items. You have to keep in mind about the machine that will suit your production, and you will be sorted to shrink wrap the products you produce.