Shrink Filmler

Shrink wrapping films are as crucial as selecting the right shrink machine for the best shrinking outcome. When it is about packaging business, nothing fares better than Shrink Wrapping. With this technology, packaging becomes an altogether different thing. In fact, a shrink packaging machine can be an invaluable asset in the present times.

Shrink wrapping films are the preferred material for packing as they are versatile, non-toxic, simple to use, all-purpose use, advanced, inexpensive and many more. Shrink Wrapping can be used to pack wide range of objects such as a single CD to food items.

Packing food items

It has astonishing applications for food items because it offers a hygienic, airtight and easy solution. Whether it is meat or cheese, they all are packed using high quality shrink packing.

Industrial Use of Shrink Packaging Film

Apart from these, they are used to pack machinery and appliances for the industrial purposes. Different types of shrink wraps are used for packing which include the I-Bar shrink wrap which is used for low or mid volume packaging purposes. In this method, the shrink film is shrunk (as the name Shrink Wrapping suggests) using a heat gun. In case you have to pack larger items, then an L Bar wrapping is ideal. Shrink bands can be used to make the products tamper resistant.

Shrink Wrap Film Chemistry

Also known as ‘shrinkwrap’ or shrink wrap film, it is a plastic film made up of polymers. There are a number of polymer compositions in use today, but Polyolefin and PVC are among the most common polymer compositions that are in use in the modern packaging industry.

Shrink wrap film is manufactured according to different purposes. They are made using a method in which they shrink in one direction only which is called mono-directional or unidirectional. Another is the bidirectional manufacturing method in which the shrink wrapping films shrinks in two directions. Careful attention should be given when choosing the shrink film so that it fits your packaging needs to the best. The shrink films are pre-stretched, which means that retain their original size after they are wrapped, reheated and cooled. So, it is important to ensure that the packing is tight and compact.


As these shrink films can be used to pack just about any object, they have amazing uses. They can be stretched to cover almost anything which requires packing! To the extent that even boats are covered up using this material. Although, it is used for basic cover up, the possibilities are limitless as they can be used to pack anything (as primary packing) before the object goes for another round of cover up.

Range of options

The most important part of shrink packing is that the technology is updated continuously. You need to do research for the best technology before you go for packing your products as it may vary in terms of machinery.

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