Shrink Makinası Hangi Sektörde Kullanılır?

Each company maintains its presence by continuing its production and manufacturing activities in line with the purpose of the foundation. It is ensured that a healthy process is formed as a team with engineers always on the alert for quality and other staff who ensure that the documentation is kept powerful where the processes that need to be kept under control at all times. While every firm that wants to be systematic wishes to progress to the highest levels of these stages, they may not give much importance to the packaging department. Although this will be ignored, it can lead to very troubling situations. Professional packaging machine used to reduce these troubles to the minimum is called a shrink machine.


Shrink machine is the repacking machine of the products produced in the factory or already packaged with plastic films according to sizes. It is a machine that you do not need to think about whether in which industries does the shrink machines are used, what are their functions, do they really needed for a company. Plastic films take the form of a wrapped product as a result of heat and plastic film shrinkage which resembles a kind of vacuum process and this process is technically called Shrink Wrapping. It is an indispensable standing asset for companies that pay attention to the delivery in addition to giving importance to the produced products.


The first interaction of the customer with the product is the packaging visuality. The quality of the packaging is the most important impression that determines the degree of the first impression. While not paying attention to packaging will cause the possible bridges to be destroyed from the beginning between the company and potential customers, ignoring negative consequences of the packaging process that is simpler than other processes lead to receiving a negative score from their customers. In addition, the final product packaged with the shrink machine has a real consequence of protecting the products against external interventions, such as easy tearing, rain, snow or extreme heat or protection against possible theft for products kept in stock.


In response to the question of which industry the shrink machine is used in, the answer can be all. The shrink machine is commonly used in mass production plants and it has a more field of use. Fast and high-quality automation is needed for resuming process starting from production lines to packaging without delay. This continuity can cause the reduction in daily stock quantity while entrusting to pure human power and momentary psychology can lead to serious time losses.

Sectorally, in product packages in machine manufacturing industry, ceramic industry, motor industry, healthcare industry, kitchen tools industry, products to be stacked on pallets such as glass and jar can be used for both parts protection and general protection purposes. Also on a small scale, shrink machine can be used for all kinds of small production items from bakery products to egg packing.


Shrink machines are usually İntegrated into production lines. A compatible model that is suitable for almost all industries can be found in order to put an end to the discussions in which industry the shrink machine is used. As it can be mounted on the conveyor lines from the front, it provides saving in manpower by being mounted on the side of the line. It was observed that technicians were not strangers to front and side shrinking machines in terms of human compatibility with adjustable and easy-to-learn menus, new touchscreens that are up-to-date with technology. It helps to more stable production by adjusting the stroke period according to the band speed in addition to the proper heat regulation for the product to be applied. Shrink machines is an important machine that should always find its place in plant fixture in order to prevent the labor given in the stages of production which provides the first impression to the customers from being adversely affected by poor quality packaging.