Paketlemenin Önemi

Today, large companies launched their most important packaging machines to the market and have achieved great success in the food sector. With a number of bans from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, it will no longer possible to see unpackaged products on shelves and date information will be written on them. No product will receive dust and will not come into contact with air. Although some large companies started to this practice many years ago, the rest of the small companies just began to this practice. Packaging is very important for the food chain and the food which contacts with the air lose its value before its time. Packaging is now being made to prevent the loss of this nutrient value. There is no such thing as stale products in any way until they reach to the customer.

Packing some products may require a different application. Meat and meat products are one of the products that can be easily degraded and durable with different packaging styles. Before they reach the consumer, all of the air in the package is taken with the vacuuming system. Plate vacuum gas packaging machines are used for this purpose. In addition to this, this method is also used in the floury foods and the molds that will be formed in the floury foods are prevented in this way.

What are The Types of Packaging Machines?

Today, various packaging machines are used. The most important of these are vacuum packing machines, which are used often and are preferred by large companies today. As the food sector is always one of the leading sectors, the most important packaging machines are always seen in the food sector. Producer companies are using technology and they come up against us with the latest model and modern packaging machines and they are doing very successful works in the food sector. These companies are not only in the country but also abroad and can compete with other large companies. Turkey is now well-known with its packaging machines with its machines from chemical to cosmetics industry but not only food sector. Turkey proved itself by competing with worldwide brands. Vacuum packaging, which holds the most important place in packaging machines, is the most used machine type today and it has the most important place in the food sector.

Packaging Machines and Their Tasks

We can say that packaging machines have a very important task in recent times. Because, under the new legislation that has arisen in the past days, dry and wet foods, which have to be packed now, are starting to take their place on the shelves. The packaging process which needs to be done both to prolong the shelf life of these foods and to protect them from external factors are carried out by vertical type vacuum packaging machine, horizontal type vacuum machine, gaseous plate vacuum machine and so on. It is worth mentioning that there are many more packaging options that we do not list here.

If you are wondering which products can be used in your packaging system, let us list some of them: vertical type packaging allows dry nuts and legumes to be packaged without touching. Horizontal type vacuum packs fresh food and shelf life can be extended. The gas-protected vacuum, allow chicken and floury foods pack and the product is air-free to prevent bacteria formation.

These machines are specially made from thick steel and are water-resistant. Manufacturers always protect you by providing immediate technical assistance in the slightest problem. The spare parts of these machines are always supplied by the manufacturer. You can always find these machines and manufacturers in the website and get information about the prices of the models.

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