Paketlemede Çeşitlilik Hizmetleri

Since all of the products need to be packed now due to the new law, we can see that the demand for the packaging services increased. We can see that the company owners which are mandatory to serve every product in the packages are in the seek for packaging machines. Already existing food packaging machines become more modern now due to these developments and legal obligations which are aimed to keep the customers healthy. Technology giants begin to make new productions for very demanding packaging machines and packaging machines began to meet with sellers with different models and different formats. The packaging machines which are always preferred by very important brands in our country also allows for easy preparation and touch-free. Small companies also offer the same products which are produced touch-free and ready-to-use to their consumers.

Packaging products help keep the shelf life of the product very long as well as provides great convenience for reaching a healthy food without direct hand contact. Since each product requires different packaging, it takes some time for them to meet with the consumer without the nutrient values are lost. For example, it is known that the shelf-life of the quickly degradable product such as a chicken or fish is extended with packaging method. Or, like this, floury food products has to be packed with different methods in order prevent mold formation.

Why Should Packaging Machines Be Used?

Packaging is a very important process for the foods that will wait for a long time and those which need long shelf life as well as keep the product fresh. Since the food needs to be delivered to the consumer without losing its value, the packaging is carried out and the food chain is followed. In this sense, packaging machines are always important. Packing machines are divided into various groups and the most used machines are vertical type vacuum, horizontal type vacuum, gas protected, plate protected, vacuum packing machines. For example; When they contact with the air, the food is deteriorating very quickly and all nutrients lose value until they reach to the consumers. However, thanks to packaging, the food which do not have any air contact will always be fresher and the shelf life will prolong accordingly. Because meat and meat products are very quickly deteriorated, it is still necessary to extend the shelf life and it is, therefore, necessary to package them.

What Are the Specifications of Packaging Machines?

We have already said that packaging machines are different for each sector. Each company enters the market with its own special machine and tries to deal with technical problems easily with its own methods. However, the maintenance carried out by those people who are out of the industry may cause more severe problems on the machines.

The most used packaging machine in the market is packaging machines which are always made for dry food. These machines are usually made of thick sheet metal and titanium coating as raw material and they may have different models.

Vertical vacuum packaging machines are generally used in packaging for nuts and pulses and are made entirely from stainless steel and are available for your use. You can learn these machines by visiting the websites of the companies and learn more about their technical features. Companies offer you full support for spare parts as well as technical maintenance and you can always call these companies and ask for support in the slightest problem.

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