Kaliteli Shrink Paketlemenin Kontrol Noktaları
  • Control Points of Quality Shrink Packaging
    • Before starting to shrinking process, cut-wire or surface of the blade must be checked that they are smooth and clean.
    • The plastic residue on the surface of the cut-wire or knife should be cleaned with the rubbing of the wastage film to hot wire.
    • It should be never cleaned with the metal brush, knife, etc.
    • The film must be cut before shrink and it should be checked that it is not open-torn by hand to check whether the film is cut and boiled properly.
    • A certain amount will be left for the shrinking ratio during the shrinking. In proportion to the left ratio “package/package size”, a balloon is formed due to the air that wants to escape out. It must be confirmed that this balloon is formed and evacuation of the trapped air at the end of the shrinking should be observed.
    • If the balloon does not form (and does not shrink at the end of the process), it means that the cutting/boiling process is not performed correctly.
    • If the balloon suddenly disappears in the middle of the tunnel, the heat level may be high.
    • If the air has not been evacuated even though the process is completed, the number of holes in the film may not be enough.
    • Air evacuation in the balloon needs to be completed concurrently with the end of the time for proper Shrink packaging.
    • The film must be properly punctured during the process or pre-drilled (perforated) film must be used in order for the air inside the balloon to be discharged correctly.

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