Motorlu Konveyör Bant

– 90 degree curve belt Plastic modular belt conveyor
– Control panel and electrical cabinet for stand-alone use including frequency drive
– Emergency stop button or Start & Stop button add-ons
– Stopper connection to stop product flow
– Easily adjustable z-type guide
– Cooling Fan or Ironing Roller attachment for use in PE applications
– Stainless chassis versions for humid/wet working environments
– Sharp corner connection for the passage of thin and small products
– Wheel with brake

– Can be synchronized with all automatic equipment of Maripak range
– Working height adjustable
– Flexible smart synch connection function with an interphase cable
– Color: Metallic Grey (RAL Code: Custom mix)
– Food-grade, certified PVC conveyor belt

– Compatible with inlets and outlets of heat tunnels operating in high temperature environments
– ISO 9001 quality certificate approved for compliance with norms
– Mechanical and electrical connection in accordance with the CE mark and the latest CE directives
– 1 year warranty except wearable parts
– Spare parts stock and after-sales manufacturer support
– Parts supply with manufacturer’s warranty for 5 years

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