Shrink Wrap Machine

The package is a material that can keep the structure and shape of the product, facilitate the transport, provide protection, and preserve the product, and also allow the handling. The area of ​​uses of this type of package is very wide. Almost everything from food to furniture, medicine to jewelry can be packaged. Packaging is an all area of everyday life. Many materials such as glass, paper, plastic, cellophane, bakelite, tin, wood can be used for packaging. The packaging of previously packaged one or more products is called shrink packaging. This process, which is done with the shrink wrap machine is carried out by wrapping around of the previously packed product or the products by a different method. The plastic film wrapped around the product in the shrink packaging process shrink with the heat effect and takes the shape of the product wrapped around it.


The shrink wrap machine performs the packaging process in two stages.


The product to be wrapped with the plastic film, and the film wrapped around the product is sealed with the machine. Then the product is sent to heat tunnel where it is exposed to the heat and get shrunk.


shrink machine

Shrink wrap machines that keep and maintain the product have many different purposes and benefits for the product.


  • It allows collating multiple products into a single package.
  • It keeps the product clean.
  • It prevents unwanted opening of packaging.
  • It increases the resistance of the product to the external factors.
  • It prevents the spoiling of food by preventing the moisture.
  • It is a proves that the buyer is the first user.
  • It preserves paper products such as magazines and newspapers and print or label can be added on it if necessary.
  • It shows the product inside thanks to its transparency.

Packing Method with Shrinking Film

In this packaging type, the used plastic film has a shrinkable structure. This material tightly wraps around the product it is covering and takes the shape of the product when heat is applied to it. The heating process for small sized products is carried out with electric or steam powered machines and carried out with heat tunnels for large size products.

Packing Method with Plastic Film

In this packaging type, the plastic film is wrapped around the product and tightly sealed with a machine that provides gumming with tape, adhesive or steam.

Packing Method with Stretch Film

Stretching ability of stretch films are more than plastic films. The stretch film immediately covers and sticks to the product wrapped around it. This is why no other heat application is required to make it shrink. Stretch film application is especially suitable for the packaging of food products.


There are two main types of shrink films that can be used according to the application area.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

It is the most widely used type of plastic film since it is compatible with the use of the shrink wrap machine and it is a strong and durable material. Large-scale enterprises particularly prefer this material for packaging needs and it has a widespread use due to its resilience and it keeps up with fast working tempos. The problem-free application can be achieved even in the most difficult shrink packaging operations. Also, in heat applications, it does not release harmful gasses and extends the shelf life of the product. It keeps the product intact during the time from the first package until it reaches to the last buyer. Thanks to its cross-linking it makes the most difficult packing tasks easier. Also, it can be used comfortably even in the packaging of foods such as bread since it is a healthy material. There is no problem with contact with food. It is especially used in products with display purposes, for grouping and advertising of promotional items. Also, if needed, it can be used as the first or second packaging.

Polyethylene Shrink Film

It is a material which can take the stretch state that is produced as a single layer when sufficient heat is applied. It is also called a memory film because of the ability to reinstate when it encounters with heat. It is mostly used in the packaging of pallets, tins, cardboards and beverages.


In general, frame or bubble methods are preferred in large commercial size packagings.

shrink wrap machine

Shrink films can also be used for very large size industrial products for applying on the same heating and cooling operations. Among them, there are materials used in building and bridge construction, large volume packagings used in storage, sea boats or other maritime vehicles, heavy but sensitive materials carried by a pallet.


Shrink films can achieve flexibility in two or single directions. The state of the film during the production is shrunk with heat, and the desired shape will be given. When cooled again, the material will be fixed as desired. It can take its original state when it is reheated. This means that it has a molecular structure which can be shaped by heating it and it stays in its new form when it is cooled that allows it not to have any limitation regarding using them in any product and product diversity. At the same time, this feature makes the shrink films easily recyclable. Mostly shrink packaging is carried out with specially equipped and automatic shrink machines. The shrink film roll placed in the machine is opened thanks to the shrink wrap machine. On the other side, the product to be packed is placed in the machine. While a machine is opening the shrink roll, it also provides heat to the product that will be packaged. Shrink film wraps around the product and takes the shape of the product with the effect of the provided hot air.

Well, how to check if Shrink Wrap Machine carries out a good packing and how to ensure it?

To understand this, there are a few points that you need to pay attention.


Sealing should be uniform and equally spaced.


You must be sure about the degree of the heat for the type of shrink film you are using.


You need to pay attention to keep the shape of the product that is provided while passing from the heat tunnel after the packaging process is completed.


You should make sure that the system that opens the tiny holes on the film (perforations) operates and ensures the air remaining inside is protected and the protection is increased after packaging.


You should be sure that the air inside the product comes out during the shrinking process. When packaging is over the air must become out at the same time. If the air is not released, this indicates that this operation is not performed correctly.

Today, many industrial companies that produce large-scale production choose to do their shrink film packaging within their facilities. Therefore they carry out their packaging with their machines by keeping their shrink wrap machine in their production facilities. This provides benefits regarding cost, protection, and transportation.


There are shrink films with different thicknesses and sizes for proper protection and packaging for each product. There are films with different thicknesses, different layer amounts, different resiliencies, and sizes. When the right film is selected for the product, the protection will be fully realized.


In daily life, things such as toys, sporting goods, household goods and supplies, stationery and drugstore supplies, CD boxes, promotional items, foods like eggs, pizza, chocolate, chicken, ice cream are being packed with the shrink packaging. Its usage will increase due to ease of application and ease of use, protect the product from damage and being a healthy material.


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