Shrink Ambalaj ve Shrink Paketleme

Shrink packaging and shrink packing is the heat-assisted packaging of the products either one by one or multiple of them together with flexible special plastic films for the following purposes: for protection, to be more attractive, to prepare for the market, for transporting, holding the products together. Shrink packaging material is widely produced today as POF (polyolefin) and PE (polyethylene).POF shrink packaging film (10-25 micron thin film) and shrink packaging machines are used to protect the products, to keep them together, to provide visual integrity and beauty and to prepare the products for sale. Applications are widely used in the packaging of eggs, cosmetics, chocolate boxes, fig-apricot packages, paper products such as books, bakery products, etc.

These packages are always fully-wrapped on the 4 sides and thus they are proof to the customer that they are being opened for the first time. PE shrink packaging (20-120 micron thick films) is used in a wide area for the following purposes such as: holding multiple products together and transporting products such as water bottles, soft drinks, canned goods, wood, marble etc. These packages can be either be open from 2 sides or totally closed on 4 sides.