Shrink Paketleme

Shrink packaging is the most commonly used packing technology in use in the packaging industry now. It is popular because of its features of quality packing, all-purpose packing, cheap alternative to expensive technologies, and advanced technology. Nowadays, shrink wrap films are available in wide variety, which makes them suitable for all purposes. Shrink Packaging has a special place in industry because it can be used to pack anything and everything. Apart from that, the machine which is used for the purpose can be easily placed inside your factory or commercial premises as it is compact and occupies minimum space which allows for easy continuation of your other packaging activities.

Commonly used materials in shrink packaging include PVC and polyolefin shrink wraps.

What can be packed using shrink wrap?

Boxes, tapes, CDs, food, DVDs, videocassettes, jewellery boxes, photographs and frames are some of the items which are packed using the shrink films.

Features and composition

The PVC shrink films are non-perishable and come in attractive colours. These films shrink at low heat and expand again as they cool down. They can even be used for brand marketing purposes by printing your brand name on them. This way, you have dual advantage as you use quality packing which acts as your brand awareness activity also.

The polyolefin shrink wrap film constitutes of polyethylene and polyethylene. It is smoother than PVC and has transparent appearance. Commonly used for packing food products, it comes in different types such as low-temp polyolefin, anti-fog polyolefin and pre-perforated polyolefin.

The polyethylene shrink film is another one, which is used for a variety of purposes and is versatile in nature. It has proved to be popular because of its resistance to wide fluctuations in weather and climatic conditions. It is used for covering objects such as boats and cars during winters as they can withstand adverse weather. These films generally come with UV protection to guard against damaged caused by ultra violet rays. Moreover, these films are soft and flexible for use in harsh climatic conditions as they are made using EVA or Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. Coming in wide range of colours and attractive prints, they prove to be the ideal way of packing.

Shrink wrap films basically come under the categories of single-wound and centre fold. In centre fold films, the products are packed between the fold of the films and then the edges are sealed. This kind of packing is used for packing semiautomatic and manual packing. In single-wound shrink film, single layer of film is wound around core and it is used for packing automatic equipment.

The shrink films come in different sizes. You can buy these films which come in 60, 75 and 100 gauges. The prices of these films depend on a number of qualities such as shine and clarity. You can buy any category of these films depending on your packing objectives. However, the PVC shrink films are the cheapest and commonly used which you can get easily from a brick-and-mortar store near you or from online stores.

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