Wide Size L Sealers


  • Packaging solutions for medium volume of production, for large scale products
  • Individual L sealer to be connected to any potential heat shrink tunnel,
  • Conveyors for automated discharge, and up/down adjustment with horizontal position
  • Automatic hood control with timer,
  • Digital control panel available with different languages,
  • Intelligent sealing principal with controlled heating power for each cycle.
  • Perforators to open micro holes on the film,
  • Spring controlled seal bar side plates for perfect sealing quality
  • Pneumatic auto-close system*,
  • Hand button-activated cycle operation
  • Finger protection system with sensor control,
  • Optional trim winder,
  • ISO 9001 quality standard with the relevant norm’s confirmations
  • CE marking
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock and after sales support.
  • One year warranty on non-wearable parts

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