Mini & Midi Heat Tunnels

  • Flexibility for the automatic and semiautomatic packaging lines
  • Perfect insulation with the dual room principle
  • Intelligent heat control with the PID principle controlled system
  • Rational control of energy with perfect design of the heating chambers and insulation system.
  • Speed control for the conveyor to adjust the time length of heat exposure of packages
  • Speed control for the fan speed to adjust the air generation
  • Automatic cooling down and power-off system for safe shut-off the entire tunnel
  • Adjustable self-rotating life bars to avoid bottom signs of the conveyor bars.
  • PE, PVC, POF films applicable and high performance in each types.
  • Digital temperature control
  • Top motor for fan and 4 sided air circulation principle
  • Adjustable side wings to control the side and bottom air volume
  • Equipped casters and legs for easy inhouse moving
  • CE marking and conformity to the latest up-to-date directives
  • ISO9001-2000 quality assurance
  • 1 year warranty against production faults
  • 5 yıl warranty for the spareparts availability
  • Color: Metallic dark Gray (RAL Code: Customized mixture)
  • Wire belt, Teflon net belt or modular plastic for high temperature
  • Ironing side pressure rollers for PE applications
  • PTFE bracelet applied conveyor rods for centering the round shaped products
  • Non-heating guides: Special inner guides with temperature control
  • Stainless Steel inox body
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