TT60 Random Packer

Packaging Processing

1. Barcode Reading and Data Processing:

  • Barcode on the products are scanned by a barcode scanner
  • The data scanned is processed and matched with the right shipping address
  • The shipping address info is sent to the labeling unit

2. Dimension Scanner and Packaging:

  • Dimension of each product is measured by a dimension light barrier sensor
  • Twin side sealers adapt themselves accordingly to the product size and pack the product

3. Labeling Unit:

  • The labeling system prints the label
  • The label is applied on the product with a height adaptive touch-on vertical tamping arm

4. Addtional Options:

  • Secondary control with a barcode scanner that is integrated with a discard pusher system
  • Check weigher and industrial PC control for different shipment options
  •  Sorting system of the packed products according to the destination


  • Servo driven motor control of twin side sealers vertically and horizontally
  • Scrap collection conveyors on both sides
  • Every package size is individually scanned to reduce the cost of transport
  • Centered and off-centered feeding of packages are also possible
  • Easy film roll slides for top and bottom rolls for nesting new film rolls
  • Touch control panel with color screen
  • Encoder controlled speed & length aware synchronization
  • Up-to-date safety electric and mechanic measures of CE directives
  • Cross and side sealers with PID controlled heaters
  • Automatic film transport system with tension control
  • Easy film drive system to enable light packs to go through the sealing area
  • Automatic length detection system


  • Randomly loaded different sized packages can be wrapped automatically
  • E-commerce & automatic mailing automation system with labeling
  • Integration into the company server systems to upload daily shipment information
  • Minimized package sizes with package-sensitive dimension control
  • Minimum operator, maximum shipment quantity with high level precision


  • Native languages can be applied
  • Warning messages for potential emergency cases
  • “Navigation Control” for actual throughput and estimated packs/time units


  • ISO 9001 and CE certified
  • One year warranty on non-wearable parts
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part & after sales support

Technicial Specifications

  • Max.Packaging Sizes (WxLxH): 600 x Unlimited x 150 mm
  • Max. Cycle : Random Mode: 9 ppm, Fixed Size Mode: 20 ppm
  • Conveyor Speed: 20 mt/min (adjustable)
  • Sealer Length: 950 mm
  • Working Height: 950 mm
  • Conveyor Belt Width: 600 mm
  • Min. Package Sizes (WxLxH): 230 x 100 x 10 mm
  • Max Film Width : 900 mm
  • Film Thickness: (hot knife / Ops.cold cut syst): 10 - 50 micron, / 50-125 micron
  • Film Types: POF, PE, OPP, CPP, PP
  • Max. Roll Diameter: 300 mm
  • Color: Gray Mixed + RAL7010 + RAL7015
  • Air (Requirement / Consumption): 6-7 Bar, 4-5 litres/cycle
  • Installed Power : 60Hz, 3Ph x 400 volt, 16 Ampere
  • Consumption (Max. / Avarege): 12 kW / 6 kW
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 2624 x 3477 x 2235mm
  • Palletized Size (WxLxH): 2230 x 2900 x 2400 mm plus conveyors
  • Weight (Net/Gross): 2100 kg / 2290 kg
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