Packaging Types with Over Wrap

Packaging with Shrink Packaging / Wrapping / Shrink Film

Shrink Film is a material made of polymer plastic. The material shrinks when heat applied to this plastic film and it takes the shape of the product to be sealed by wrapping it tightly. The heat application can be usually applied with electricity, steam or gas heat gun. In larger volume productions, products that are passed through a system called “heat tunnel” are wrapped with Shrink Film. Films forming the coating material are usually produced from Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) raw material.

Packaging with Film Packaging / Wrapping / Polywrapping Plastic Film

Plastic films usually produced from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) raw materials are sealed with adhesive, pressure sensitive tape or heat source after wrapped on the product or prepackage. In some cases, plastic films are produced in the form of bags for packaging.

Packaging with Stretch Wrap

In the packaging method with Stretch Wrap, highly flexible plastic films are wrapped around the product or packages. The elastic structure of the material tightly wrap the products and hold them together. No heat application is carried out for this to happen. Contrary to shrink packaging with shrink packages, heat can be applied for the film to lose its tightness for easier opening.

We can see stretch packaging in two segments as food and non-food. Food applications are usually wrapped with PVC-based material for wrapping of products with plates or wrapping of some vegetables and fruits. It is wrapped without applying heat and a film is stuck to the current film by applying a heat of about 50-60 degrees in order to not reopen easily. When this process is limited to the base a tight upper view is obtained without affecting visibility. We see applications in sales and label stickers for food sections such as chicken and meat.

In addition, application areas are also available on the pallet for larger volume or weighted products. These applications are mostly used in carrying out in transportation and transport between depots in order to fix the product on the pallet and to be transported without breaking, make it easier for fewer people to move with power by using the forklift. On the other hand, in hand-held applications, it can be used to fix all kinds of products and prevent them from being contaminated against external factors.

Packaging with Paper Wrap

Papers known as pouch paper or other types of paper can be used to pack products or to hold multiple packaged products together. Some papers prevent the packed products from being worn or scattered. For example, this method may be preferred for 6 pack beverage packages. Packages are sealed with adhesive, pressure sensitive tape or heat.

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