Check out our new generation e-commerce packaging systems that adapt automatically to the size of each product!

800 to 1200 parcel/hour Ready to Ship packages


Fit-to-size packaging through automatic size detection

Cost Efficient

Improved cost per package by reducing labor and material costs

Fully Automated E-Commerce Packaging Machine
Simplify Your Packaging Process to Achieve More with Less!

E-commerce Packaging Machine

The sudden increase in demand for online shopping has provided E-Commerce platforms with the opportunity to reach new customers and grow their business at unseen levels.

Our systems automatically pack different sized products by scanning their widths, lengths, and heights, achieving the right sized cargo pack for each product.

Working Principle of E-Commerce Packaging Machine

How does this system work?
The system consists of 4 main parts

  • Barcode Reading Unit
  • Dimension Scanning Unit
  • Packaging Unit
  • Labeling Unit

Information that comes from the barcode reader eg. purchased order information, customer name, address as well as the dimension information of the packages is acquired by the system and sent to the packaging and labeling units.

According to the size information acquired from the scanner, the system adapts sealers to make the right size packaging for each parcel. All four sides of the package are sealed. At the same time, carrier-compliant shipping labels are printed and applied to the packages.

We also offer on-demand integration options:

* Check weigher and industrial PC control for order – customer data verification

* Final checkpoint with barcode scanner and discard pusher for manual investigation

* Destination sorting system

Why Invest in an E-Commerce Packaging Machine

E-Commerce packaging machine requires an initial investment that seem costly at first sight. However, we can say that it is one of the best investments you will make in your business in the long run. Because labor costs and time spent on manual packaging are too high. The automation of packaging will relieve your packaging process.

Save on Labor Costs

Manual packaging takes plenty of time and it is also expensive. Automating the packaging process reduces labor dependency and related costs immediately.

WMS Integration

Integrating your WMS with an E-Commerce Packaging solution will allow you to automatically verify the right product is being packed for the right customer with the right shipping carrier-compliant shipping label. This eliminates a series of manual tasks with a fast and automatic solution.

Choose The Right E-Commerce Packaging Solution

Contact our expert sales engineers to find out how the Maripak E-Commerce Packaging Solution will improve your order fulfillment process.

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E-commerce Packaging Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price of the E-Commerce Packaging Machine?-

Our E-Commerce Packaging Machines are in different models and capacities, and thus the price of each model is different.

Do you have a service abroad?-

We provide technical support services to our overseas customers through which we sell e-commerce packaging machines through our distributors.

How long is the warranty period of your machines?-

Like all other products, our E-Commerce Packaging Machines are covered by a 1-year warranty.

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